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Every day we are faced with decisions that will not only affect our health and life, but the health, happiness and lives of those who will come after us. Our oily community is dedicated to helping people get a little closer to Eden by teaching, helping and even learning about these great oils and oil infused products.

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From past experiences, I know that many people are not sure how to use all of the oils that come in their awesome Premium Starter Kit! If that is what is holding you back, I have got you covered! As soon as you get your Premium Starter Kit, I will take you through a really fun email series that gives you practical and every day ways to use your 11 essential oils!
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Are you tired of the 9-5 days? Limited vacation? A set income? Are you ready for financial freedom? Are you ready to live your dream life? Well, you have come to the right place! I am so passionate about helping other people achieve their dreams, create a successful business and do great things with their lives. Using our unique products to help create healthy and toxin free homes, building a great business is not only easy, it’s fun! Not only that, but with the incredible compensation plan that Young Living offers, it is my goal to work with each of my team members to help them reach their dreams. Not only can you GET PAID for sharing our great products, but you also get the opportunity to help other people live better lives. 

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I have good news for you! You do NOT have to build a business to get a wholesale discount on your oils! Investing in your future and in your wellness support has never been so much fun, easy to do and aromatic all at the same time! And what’s even better, is that you can get all of the products you need (from essential oils, to household cleaning products, to skin and body care, to great wholesome supplements at a 24% DISCOUNT! We are here to help you order your incredible Premium Starter Kit, experience each oil in your kit (and beyond!), and learn about our highly desirous autoship program! AND. if you decide down to road that you want to share and bring in some extra income, we would love to walk step-by-step with you providing you training, support and tools to help you start reaching your dreams.


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Becoming a wholesale member is fast, easy and fun! When you join our oily family, we send you a fun “welcome to the family” package! Check out our monthly specials, as we are always giving something fun away to our new members. Get 11 oils, a diffuser and more today!

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Have you heard Essential Rewards? It’s like the Young Living version of the “Amazon Subscribe & Save”….only so much more awesome! One reason being that every month you earn points that you can redeem on products! FREE oils!!! What is it?

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As you continue to use your Young Living oils, the more they will become part of your daily life. The more they become part of your daily life, the more excited you will be about them. And the more excited you become, the more you will find yourself sharing…

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From the wisdom of the ancients to the modern science of pharmacology, you will discover benefits locked in the lifeblood of the very plants that surround us. Featuring history, science, recipes, and DIY projects, you will learn what it means to find the art of essential oils and increase your own healthy living.

After two years of writing and researching, our project is complete and has gone to press! To get more information check check out the link below!


Eden’s Essence was started to introduce Young Living essential oils to people. Instead of encouraging team members to build their own websites, Tiffany has created a home for all of her oily friends and team members. We love working together to create an easy, fun and efficient way to grow our businesses and help each other succeed. We like to say that it’s our mission to bring oils to everyone in the world! Check out our team members, and if you are serious about building a business and would like to be added to our team page, contact Tiffany for more information!