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Do you want Financial Freedom, a Debt Free LifeAmazing Relationships?In a world filled with chemicals and pollution, it’s hard to find products to support true wellness. And when you find things that you want to use to support your wellness, and the wellness of those you love, sometimes it isn’t financially feasible. For the last 20 years, Young Living has been growing, harvesting, testing and developing essential oils as well as incredible products that bring wellness to your mind, body and spirit. Not only have they created these great products, but they also give you the option to earn some money when you share about them! Are you ready to create your own business and bring in that extra income that you need? Do you just want to make enough money to cover the cost of your purchases? Or do you really want to make this business your sole source of income? If you’ve always wanted greater financial independence and wanted to accomplish it doing something you absolutely love (with products you are crazy about), than welcome to your future.

The Perks of Joining the Eden’s Essence Team

  • Here at Eden’s Essence, we want you to know that we are committed to YOU and we are ready to walk alongside you as you grow your business. We find great joy in helping other people not only transform their wellness through essential oils, but by bringing people into our oily community to transform their lives financially as well. We want to see you succeed.
  • The Eden’s Essence team is constantly working to create new resources for all members of our team to use. Downline, upline, crossline, we are here to work together so that we can bring oils to everyone we meet and live the life of our dreams.
  • We are currently working on a “members only” area on our website where we will have all of our resources organized for your use! We also have a Facebook page with resources available to all of our team members!
  • Graphics, email series, templates, scripts, class notes… We have all of the things you need to get your business off the ground and growing!
  • Resourceful, fun and helpful upline members who are here to provide help and guidance, answer questions, build, plan and even party together! Learning about the products, the business, and building business skills is a journey we want to share with you!
  • We love that all of our members are part of a rapidly growing team of business leaders. Nothing is quite as inspiring as working with friends who encourage and empower you to reach your goals.
  • We are a team that works together. Helping each other reach goals, dreams and financial freedom is a very important aspect of our team. It is so inspiring to watch, learn and help other people do great things.

Are you ready to get started creating ABUNDANCE?