Open the Box

inviteOver the years, I have had many people purchase their Starter Kits, so excited to start their journey to essential oiled wellness. When their kits came in the mail, they would open them up, pull out one, maybe two oils, and if the box was lucky, the diffuser would come out too! And this wouldn’t happen because these people suddenly lost interest in their really cool new purchase, it’s just that they weren’t completely sure how to actually use ALL 11 oils! So, they would place the pretty box on a shelf and wait for a day when they had time to find and research the oils.

After hearing this from a few oily friends, we decided that something needed to be done. So, as part of our “welcome to the team” package, we have developed a really fun email series that walks each our new members through ALL 11 essential oils, their history and origin, what they are used for, HOW to use them, and even some fun (and yummy!) recipes. We cover the incredible NingxiaRed drink, we talk about Essential Rewards. You can choose to cover one oil each week, or one oil a day! You set the pace on how much information to get!

Once this series is complete, you will know everything about your kit and the oils. Your diffuser will be running every day, and hopefully, you will be exploring some more fantastic products because, after all, you do get that 24% discount!

So go ahead! Order your Premium Starter Kit, and Open the Box!