Stress, Stress Go Away!

For various reasons in daily life, stress occurs. No matter how laid back you might be, how delightfully obedient your children might be, or how perfect things seem, there is always stress of some sort. As I get closer to the end of this pregnancy, which has made me less capable of getting around the house, cooking as much as I would like and even holding my sweet children, I am feeling more and more on edge. I remember this from the last pregnancy, so maybe it’s because I’m having another boy. I’m not really sure. But it’s been a tough road and I am very much looking forward to getting to the end!

Stress Away

Thankfully, though, I have had my stash of essential oils to help me get through this. During the end of my last pregnancy I was constantly diffusing Magnify Your Purpose. That was a LIFE SAVER! This time around, with two little ones under foot, one of my favorite blends has been Stress Away…and honestly, I use it more on my kids than on me! They LOVE this oil! Lilyana calls it her “Happy Oil” and Tristan just refers to it as “ol”. 🙂 Even just applying it to their little feet helps soothe my anxiety and down-ness. It makes them relax a bit and then we all have a better day! I haven’t used this one in labor yet as my go-to-oil is always Frankincense, but I will definitely have this on hand for anyone else who might be feeling stressed!

If you haven’t tried this wonderful blend yet, it is truly amazing, and it smells delicious! I actually sometimes wear it as perfume! 

And to help bring a smile to your day and maybe relieve some stress by laughing, check out this little video:

And yes, he is referring to Stress Away!