The Lemonary Blend

I have a love-hate relationship with exercising. I love how I feel when I actually do it, but it’s so easy to not find the time to actually do it. My kids absolutely love to roll out their little mats and do Pilates right alongside me, which encourages me to exercise, but sometimes I allow my lazy side to get the better of me and get preoccupied with the rest of my busy life.

An easy way to get focused and have a great workout is to start by setting up your diffuser. Yep. Diffusing oils can help increase your focus, energy and attitude while working out! Here is one of my favorite blends for my exercise routines!

The Lemonary Blend

Fill your diffuser to the fill line with distilled water. Add:

3 drops YL Jade Lemon essential oil

2 drops YL Rosemary essential oil

HAHA! It’s been a long week…and I just realized that I put a bottle of Peppermint in the photo instead of the Rosemary! Maybe I should get this diffusing right now to help me focus! LOL

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