Workout Ningxia Shot!

Workout Wednesday is here! Have you done your workout routine yet?


If not, be sure to check out these Ningxia Shots to boost whatever it is you do! Pilates? Running? Cycling? Cold, delicious and fresh these will definitely be a favorite way to start your workouts.

We discovered Ningxia Shots while we were at the Young Living Convention earlier this month and are absolutely crazy about them! We start most mornings off with different ingredients, but the combination of the citrus, spearmint (in the Citrus Fresh) and the Copaiba in this recipe will enhance your workout experience and keep your endurance levels up!



Workout Ningxia Shots

1 Ningxia Nitro

2 tablespoons NingxiaRed

2 drops Young Living Citrus Fresh EO

2 drops Young Living Lemon EO

2 drops Young Living Lime EO

2 drops Young Living Grapefruit EO

2 drops Young Living Copaiba EO

Combine ingredients in a 2 ounce glass in the order listed. Drink and get exercising!